By Darby

Cica Cream, or “Centella Asiatica” Cream, is taking over. This herb, known for its soothing properties, has been used for years in China, Japan, and India to name a few countries. Also referred to as Tiger Cream, this unique name originated from an ancient folk tale about a tiger who repaired his wounds overnight by rolling around in the plant (okay, that was a very loose abbreviated version- google it).

While there are some ailments that can be treated by ingesting pure Cica, it has become more popular in Western culture as a topical treatment. It has been proven to soothe burns, wounds, psoriasis, and even dermatitis (which I can attest to).

While I don’t have overly sensitive skin, I do have a skin allergy to lavender and occasional small dermatitis flare ups. Because of this lavender allergy, I was unable to try the Dr. Jart Cica Cream that’s been all over social media.

Not only do I love how accessible this La Roche-Posay Baume is (i purchased mine at target), but I love that it’s a baume of all trades. The box notes that it immediately soothes face, lips, babies, hands, feet, arms, and all dry irritated areas. I’ve been keeping mine in my purse and using as a hand cream, focusing on my cuticles (this dry winter has REALLY taken a toll on my hands).

Best part- this Cica cream is available at Target. Thank me later.



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