By Darby

Love a clever pun. Love a good exfoliant. Enter Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate my new favorite weekly exfoliant! It is the only exfoliator I have been reaching for over the past month or so since I tried it.

First impression is that it smells so strong! I was not expecting the cinnamon and clove- like scent, but I love it. The product has a nice consistency and a little bit goes along way. It gently melts into the skin, not too intense of a feeling but you definitely feel the warmth.

After rubbing in circles for about 30 seconds, I let the product sit for a couple of minutes.

It rinses off easily with a washcloth? And I like to follow up with my hydrating hyaluronic acid serums and a sheet mask to really lock in the hydration after an intense exfoliation.

This product is seriously a game changer, (and yes, I prefer this to the DE Babyfacial)!

I am not going to lie, I am definitely kicking myself for waiting to try this! As a product junkie, but also someone who is trying to waddle down her skincare products, I can safely say this will be a staple in my medicine cabinet for a very long time.


Kelsey @bydarby

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